Steel City Surfers Film now available on Amazon Prime.
Contact me for a personalized DVD or to schedule a screening. We have postponed our May screenings in Va.Beach and Outer Banks. Future screenings to be anounced for Pittsburgh PA, Cleveland OH, Erie PA, and Bend Oregon. The Premiere was held at 7 Springs on March 14th, just one week before COVID-19 closed down our venues.

Snowsurf Movement

Early snowboarders designed and rode boards that emulated surfing.  As the sport evolved it was influenced and shaped by popular culture.  Gymnastics, Skateboarding, Alpine Skiing and Ski Schools all played a roll in shaping the culture.

Many modern snowboarders have never ridden a wave on a surfboard.  Those of us that still like to surf the snow can now ride and compete on purpose built boards that pay tribute to the original snowboard surfers!

Streamlined Digital Media workflow for Print and Video

This requires proper file management, access and sharing. All team members need to collaborate in real time to be efficient. The scope of work for all projects must follow existing work flow and equipment. Outsourced projects and collateral must be accounted for and managed with clear and concise language that all participants can agree to and honor. Understanding the best practices can help move projects quickly utilizing the Agile Methodology while longer term more detailed objects may benefit from a linear approach using the Waterfall Methodology.

Project Management Software utilizes cloud technology for collaboration and work flow optimization. As a subscriber and user of multiple platforms, I know how to leverage the available tools for reporting, planning, auditing and logging of daily activity. This information makes achieving planned goals more realistic by providing metrics and tools that are valuable to a professionally trained user and instructor. As a legacy Mac User and Microsoft Office trainer I have the ability and knowledge to use the complete Adobe product suite as well as the Microsoft Office Suite.

My career in Media, Marketing, Production and Sales all contribute to my overall skill set and bring value and experience to the position. Please let me know how I can help!

Feel free to reach out:


Producer of Cable Television Programming. National Broadcast Stringer for CBS, MTV, ESPN and Weather Channel.  Managed Sales, Editorial and Office Staff.

Associated Press Photojournalism Award, Produced Feature Length Documentaries. Also daily deadline Television Sports and News Reports.

Built and staffed regional video production facility.  Managed Commercial Advertising and Infomercial Productions for Local Access Channels and Cable Television Networks. Responsibilities Included Print Projects, Digital Media Encoding, Budgeting, Hiring and Staffing. 

Products included: Internet Backbone Gateway, Hosted and Dedicated Server Program, Virtual Private Networks, Business and Commercial Internet Service, Web Hosting. Professional Trainer for all offered services and managed Internet, Print, Television and Radio Advertising. Responsible for Press Releases, News Announcements and Public Relations.

Services and Projects include Ohio Tech Prep Teacher Certifications, West Virginia Northern Community College Staff and Student Trainer.  Taught Microsoft Expression Web Design and Adobe Photoshop.  Broadcast Media, Social Media and Web Production clients include 7 Springs Mountain Resort, River City Restaurant and Banquets, Fireman Creative, The law firm of Gold Khoury and Turak, Sandcastles Resort, The McKeen Group, and West Virginia Northern Community College.

Elephant In the Surf

I have been editing and shooting for my documentary, Steel City Surfers for several years and have been looking for just the right music.

My desire was for some surf guitar and tribal drums.  Recently I came across some tracks from Jim Donovan and Sun King Warriors.  Their apparent love and zeal for drums and guitar are much in tune with how I feel about all things relating to surfing.  This is a match made in heaven.

Check out this sample edit.

Elephant In The Surf from Surfdogmedia on Vimeo.