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Snowsurf Movement

Early snowboarders designed and rode boards that emulated surfing.  As the sport evolved it was influenced and shaped by popular culture.  Gymnastics, Skateboarding, Alpine Skiing and Ski Schools all played a roll in shaping the culture.

Many modern snowboarders have never ridden a wave on a surfboard.  Those of us that still like to surf the snow can now ride and compete on purpose built boards that pay tribute to the original snowboard surfers!

Streamlined Digital Media workflow for Print and Video

This requires proper file management, access and sharing. All team members need to collaborate in real time to be efficient. The scope of work for all projects must follow existing work flow and equipment. Outsourced projects and collateral must be accounted for and managed with clear and concise language that all participants can agree to and honor. Understanding the best practices can help move projects quickly utilizing the Agile Methodology while longer term more detailed objects may benefit from a linear approach using the Waterfall Methodology.

Project Management Software utilizes cloud technology for collaboration and work flow optimization. As a subscriber and user of multiple platforms, I know how to leverage the available tools for reporting, planning, auditing and logging of daily activity. This information makes achieving planned goals more realistic by providing metrics and tools that are valuable to a professionally trained user and instructor. As a legacy Mac User and Microsoft Office trainer I have the ability and knowledge to use the complete Adobe product suite as well as the Microsoft Office Suite.

My career in Media, Marketing, Production and Sales all contribute to my overall skill set and bring value and experience to the position. Please let me know how I can help!

Feel free to reach out: bmur@surfdogmedia.com