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Elephant In the Surf

I have been editing and shooting for my documentary, Steel City Surfers for several years and have been looking for just the right music.

My desire was for some surf guitar and tribal drums.  Recently I came across some tracks from Jim Donovan and Sun King Warriors.  Their apparent love and zeal for drums and guitar are much in tune with how I feel about all things relating to surfing.  This is a match made in heaven.

Check out this sample edit.

Elephant In The Surf from Surfdogmedia on Vimeo.

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I have been producing Action Sports Programming since the early 80s.  The original East Coast Motions Series is now available on Amazon Prime.

My Television Series, Eastern Extreme Aired on select cable television networks as well as internationally on Havoc TV Sports.

My new project, The Journey to Gerry chronicles the love and pursuit of surfing on Oceans, Rivers, Lakes and Snow.  The story crosses generations of pure stoke: Jade Vamos in his 40s, Bryan Murray in his 50s and Stephen Yount in his 60s on a journey to visit 70 year old Hawaii Surfing Pioneer, Gerry Lopez at the 2019 Big Wave Challenge at Mt. Bachelor.

The complete  documentary will be released this Fall at select Venues and Film Festivals.

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Discovering the Sony Betacam

In 1993 I had left the Outer Banks and starting Snowboarding.  I borrowed a Sony Betacam and took it to the coast for Hurricane Emily and also to Snowshoe WV to document the emerging sport of snowboarding.  One of my first edits was  “Riders on the Storm”


Discovering the BetaCam Format after shooting 3/4″ Video was amazing. BetacamTechnology had upgraded picture quality and the newer cameras did not need a separate recording unit.  The entire unit weighed in around 20 lbs and retailed for $60,000.  Needless to say most videographers kept them on a Tripod and this limited the type of footage you would see.  I liked to shoulder this beast and carry it around snowboarding.


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