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1993 Canaan Valley Ski Resort

The Travel and Tourism Industry caters to the need for recreation.  It can be hard work making sure that your guests are having fun.  While working at WTRF, Mark Davis and I traveled around visiting area attractions that are within driving distance of Wheeling WV.

Here is a period piece about one such resort in Canaan Valley WV.  This is an old dub (copy).

Action Sports Addiction

My first TV Interview was with Steve Caballero in 1985 in Raleigh NC at the Endless GrindPDVD_032 Skateboarding Competition.  I invited my surfing friend and former world champion free-style skateboarding champion Reggie Barnes to our TV Studios at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill for my Senior Project.  I began producing Surfing Segments for ESPN in conjunction with Surfer Magazine in 1987.

During the 90s I produced a series of Feature Length Action Sport Films called East Coast Motions.  Volume II, Hatteras Surf Feast was released internationally and funded a winter ECM02at Snowshoe WV and the creation of Volume III, “Cheat Mountain Shredders”.  I began producing and streaming video for the internet in 1997 and actively used, the Action Sports Industry to market and brand one of the First International Internet Services.

My love of Digital Media has led to work with MTV, Hurley and Monster Energy.  I have a passion for production and an eye for detail that crosses all demographics.  My TV Program, Eastern Extreme gives me the opportunity to mentor and work with many independent and up and coming photographers.  Many of my Action Sports Segments air on Havoc TV.E2

Wierzbicki T Christmas Tree Farms

LeslieThis is a great place to get your christmas trees.

I used lavalier microphones, fill lighting, unique angles and camera movements to bring this story to life. We hiked out with local Agricultural Extension Agent John Miller for the story.

Here is their address if you want to check em out.

68800 Pine Terrace R
Bridgeport, OH 43912-9740


Surf Photography

Today was the first day that I got to use my waterproof video camera. My great height of 6’6″ enabled me to stand on the sandbar and get really close to the action. It was nice to stay cool on a hot day and get some good action footage. (see below)

Hurricane Irene

Looks bad for the Outer Banks. Fortunately the storm surge will be minimal as Hurricane Irene will pass during the time of low tide. The surf window on this storm is small, as it will be overland and not in the ocean after passing the Outer Banks.

Hurricanes on this track will often push the waters of the inland sounds around and flooding will be worse than from the Ocean due to the lower lying land on the west facing shoreline. My mom has left and is in Wheeling WV this weekend.


Putting on an International Cycling Event

WV Tourism partnered up with local race committees to help organize a 6 Stage International Cycling Race featuring all of the top teams. This included a young Lance Armstrong as part of team Motorola. Our volunteer committee lined up the event volunteers, coordinated local, national, and international media as well as finding local accommodations for the racers and their entourage. WTRF TV of Wheeling stepped up with excellent coverage and WV was featured on ESPN.

90’s Music Scene

When I moved to the Wheeling WV area in 1991, the local band scene was pretty decent.  One of my favorites was US Kids. Here they are rocking the house at Lou’s Landing. This Floating Bar was anchored on the Wheeling Waterfront and a favorite hang out for many.  I found this clip in my Video Library:

Website Update

I am currently on the Outer Banks this week and am actively seeking employment and projects.  Feel free to contact me on my cell phone:  304-639-4905.

This heat wave has made the cold atlantic feel pretty good.  I did manage to shoot some new video for my facebook page:  Outer Banks News Bureau  Check out the Fish Feeding as well as my two news stories on the photo and video page.

For more information about me and my services please go to the Surfdog Media Tab.

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