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Facebook Posting Attributions and Traffic

May 14, 2016
Posted by surfdog

I have created different Facebook Pages and Specific “Friends” lists to strategically target those designated audiences.  To put it more simply:  I like to put the right audience with the right product.      As a professionally trained videographer I enjoy capturing the moment with my smart phones.  The selfie sticks and mini tripods that […]

Discovering the Sony Betacam

June 7, 2015
Posted by surfdog

In 1993 I had left the Outer Banks and starting Snowboarding.  I borrowed a Sony Betacam and took it to the coast for Hurricane Emily and also to Snowshoe WV to document the emerging sport of snowboarding.  One of my first edits was  “Riders on the Storm” Discovering the BetaCam Format after shooting 3/4″ Video […]

Hire a Specialist

April 8, 2015
Posted by surfdog

Let me know if anyone needs some professional video footage for their business or for sports recruiting and analysis. Here is a sports recruiting video I produced to help with College Scholarships:   Sherele Vossen is now working as a Basketball Instructor at  the Total Athlete Indoor Training Center in Triadelphia. 

From the Outer Banks to Outer Space

August 4, 2014
Posted by surfdog

This documentary is a great example of the quality programming that Beach TV brought to the Outer Banks.  It was my personal goal to bring network quality documentaries to our viewers. There are abundant historic stories to be told and I hope you have thirty minutes to watch this one.  It is entertaining in a folksy […]

Greetings from Cleveland

July 21, 2014
Posted by surfdog

A VIDEO POSTCARD Finding inspiration for an edit can come in many different ways. My first visit to the beaches of Cleveland Ohio inspired me with its historic looks. I looked for some old postcards that captured that feel. A “Video Postcard” seemed like the best way to showcase my water footage and skyline views from the beach. […]

RIP Sonny Miller

July 10, 2014
Posted by surfdog

I had the pleasure of working with Sonny Miller and Ira Opper  on Surfer Video Magazine.  His career was amazing and he made the jump to hollywood and got to work on many major motion pictures. This segment aired in an episode of Surfer Video Magazine on ESPN. I shot most of the footage and […]

Couch Level View

March 19, 2014
Posted by surfdog

So much for the view from 30,000 feet. From where I am sitting it looks like Social Media and Internet TV should be turning the broadcast and cable world on its ear. Take control of your life by viewing what you want when you want. Find your favorite shows online and enjoy having unlimited online […]

Boy Scout Snowboard Program

February 26, 2014
Posted by surfdog

I work as a Snowboard Instructor at the Oglebay Resort in Wheeling WV and at 7 Springs in Champion PA.  This season I got to work with a group of 13 Pittsburgh Area Boy Scouts in pursuit of their Snow Sports/Snowboarding Merit Badge.  This 5 Week Program was very rewarding  because we got to see […]

Snowboard Boot Camp

December 29, 2013
Posted by surfdog

Take a look at the rigors of working as a snowboard instructor.

Action Sports Production Timeline

December 12, 2013
Posted by surfdog

My first TV Interview was with Steve Caballero in 1985 in Raleigh NC at the Endless Grind Skateboarding Competition.  I invited my surfing friend and former world champion free-style skateboarding champion Reggie Barnes to our TV Studios at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill for my Senior Project.  I began producing Surfing Segments […]

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